Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crowd Crud

So it never fails if I get around huge amounts of people that I get sick.

It starts off slow. First I don't feel quite like myself. Then my nose starts to get the drippy feeling. Following the drippy nose is the sore throat from the nose draining down the back of my throat. Then I feel feverish (and majority of the time I actually get a fever). I begin to cough and the bones in my face begin to ache.

I must have been Glutton For Punishment a second time. Remember in August when I went to two parties in one day? Well as you all know, a week ago Saturday I was at a graduation for my brother. The crowd in that room was crazy ridiculous. However, I didn't even think about potentially getting sick. Last time I got sick was at the beginning of October.

Well after my crowd infestation on Saturday, I was forced into another crowd situation on both Wednesday & Friday. On Wednesday we had a meeting at work which included many people from other child care centers. On Friday, we had our Christmas party at the bosses house which included lots of hugs from friends. I didn't even THINK about the possibility of getting sick from any of these parties. However, on Thursday and Friday guess what I started doing? It didn't even dawn on me until now, but I began to sneeze. Quite a bit. Would people remind me that when I start sneezing that I need to double up on the Vitamin C?

I am almost positive I know where I got this, but it simply never fails. Go to crowded events and I get the crud. I pray this doesn't turn into Bronchitis. It would be simply lovely to have Christmas Day without Bronchitis. (This is also why we are tempted every year to have Christmas early because we don't want the pictures of me looking horrible ~ always get this really red nose like Rudolph).

So please pray that the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever goes away quickly and swiftly. Wow I sound like a Nyquil Commercial. :P Add sore throat to that and you have my list. Though I'm not for certain about the fever. I've not tested it yet.

update: I tested it an hour ago after an hour of tylenol. 99.8. Whatapain.

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