Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my magic bottle

Last night I finally pulled out the magic bottle.

It's called Dioxychlor.

I took 10 drops last night and 10 drops this morning. I woke up with a small sore throat (the last few mornings it's raged for over an hour. This morning it only lasted 5 minutes) without nasal drainage pouring out of my nose.

My nose is still giving me issues, but it's no where near like the past few days. My cough though is still pretty bad. So bad in fact that I almost got sick because of the forcefulness of the cough. Hopefully that will die down in a few days with the Dioxychlor now on my regiment.

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sonyafly said...

Hi. I saw got your comment on my blog & have read sooooo much of yours. So you still have a cold? I haven't ever been "sick" since I got Lyme (other than Lyme) I am afraid of what would happen. I hope you feel better soon.