Saturday, March 31, 2012

Home Hunting

Thirteen years ago, we bought a home. This home has done us well, but when our best friends in the neighborhood moved out of the neighborhood staying didn't seem nearly as important. But because I don't like change, we have stayed. We began our discussion years ago, but recently we've taken our talks up a notch. Last weekend we drove around a few subdivisions and in a spur of a moment decision, we walked into an "Open House."

We opened the front door and as soon as I walked in I felt as if I were home already. This was not something I expected. I expected to not like something structurally with the home, whether it was closet space or room size or where the master bedroom was located or ... something. I looked to the right and saw a space I could use for a Lyme advocacy office, a space located right at the front of the house with easy access to friends who might have wheelchairs.

I looked to the left and saw the formal dining area with wooden floors, a really cool ceiling and bead board that I absolutely love. I walked through to the kitchen and saw the dark cabinets which I adore and the only thing at this point that I could live with, but not in love with were the appliances in stainless steel. I continued my walk when I saw the sun room. It was awesome with french doors. Then to the left a laundry room (an actual ROOM and not just a space in the wall for a washer and dryer). Then the master bedroom, master bath and HUGE closet. I was smiling at the huge tub and at this point I was sold. There was a great great room, a screened porch and then that's just the downstairs. I absolutely loved the upstairs space too.

We are trying our best to get things in order to be able to place an offer on the house. I'm excited for this change, but trying not to get too excited in case we wind up not being able to get the home. We found an option today that would enable us to get the home, but things have to line up just right. We know that if it's God's will, it will happen. So we pray that God's will is lined up with what we think our needs are.

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good luck, sounds exciting!