Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Theodor Seuss Geisel, otherwise known to the world as Dr. Seuss.

This quote by Dr. Seuss is SO me. I'll be honest. For a while, I wasn't comfortable in my own skin.

My quirkiness bothered me
so I hid my personality.
I hid it deep down so well.
So well in fact, no one could tell.

And then one day I realized this fact
that my shyness was indeed an act
I realized that Dr. Seuss was quite right
when he said it quite loudly on one fateful night.

"Today you are you
That is truer than true
There is no one alive
who is youer than you."

Indeed I have come out of my shell
Dressing like the cat in the hat minus a tail.
I carried a platter filled to the brim
green eggs and ham to show all of them.

I had the best day I've had in a while
and the kids faces were covered in smiles.
It was in this moment I remembered it's true
there is no one alive that's youer than you.

*written by Jennifer inspired by Dr. Seuss*

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