Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sugaring my legs!

First I decided I would sugar wax my legs. Now I first heard about this from an online Lyme friend Heather. I thought she wax crazy. I thought it wouldn't work. I was somewhat right and somewhat wrong. It did work, but because I was impatient it didn't work well. Who can seriously let the hair on their legs grow for two or three weeks during the summer heat that's in Lyme remission? (now those that are still in the heat of a Lyme Battle ... yeah I admit it I once waited a month or more to shave because it zapped all the energy just to bathe my body much less shave my legs!). So I PURCHASED some Moom.

I picked up this from Ulta and came home immediately to try it out. I warmed it up (took about 30 sections plus 15 more after stirring). Took it back to the bathroom and began spreading the mess on one section of leg. After rubbing on the fabric strip, I yanked with all my might and OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWCH!. Heather said it was virtually painless. Um, not as painless as I thought. However which each pull the pain did decrease.

Well my lovely husband decided that HE could make this. And make it he did. I tried it on my own legs, but my hair simply wasn't long enough. I haven't been able to use it properly yet, but I am confidant that it will work just as well as the store bought stuff. :} There is a "caveat" to it working well. I think my hair grows unevenly. So therefore the hair that grows slower isn't grabbed up by the sugar wax. I suspect this is why people think that waxing fails actually. I'm sure that the speed of which hair grows is different for everyone and that some hairs grow particularly speedy while others grow at snails pace.

Until it's cold enough to wear long pants every day, I suspect I'll be shaving the extra hair left over. I'm hoping in October I can give the stuff a good try!

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