Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shopping Experiences

Every season change, I get so frustrated. I'm quite positive that I've griped about this before. I want new clothes, but lack the desire to go shopping or the money for a wardrobe change. However this year was different. I pretty much HAD to go shopping. On our first fall weather day, I reached into the closet to pull out my favorite pair of jeans. I slipped into them. Houston, we had a problem. Unless I was going to lie down with a old metal hanger and squeeze into them circa 1980, these were not going to work at all. The bigger problem was that all of my jeans were this size. This mean that I would have to go shopping.

Shopping in itself isn't a huge problem unless you are short on money and the self esteem to go with it. My problems with shopping to back a few decades. When I was younger, I had trouble finding clothes that fit. I would slip into a pair of jeans and they would slip right off. Now you may think Whoa is me, but these were the smallest pair of adult jeans they made.

As a college student and even as a young adult (let's even say that at 30!) I would try the children's section, but seriously who wants to wear a pair of jeans with a butterfly/glitter on them? Part of my treatment was a serious work on getting my weight to increase. Now let's say I worked on this VERY diligently and finally last year I started to be able to fit into a size 1 or 2. I was truly thrilled. However, my body must be very oddly shaped because I still had trouble finding clothes that fit right.

Anyways, I always dread shopping. Hate it. Still hate it. So after my discovering that my size 2's were no longer than option, I hit Target. I pulled out not one, not two, but 12 pair of jeans. Took them to the dressing room and left 6 sitting on the chair as we can only take in 6 things at a time. Pair after pair, nothing was working. I tried on everything from a Size 2 to a Size 6. Either they were too big or two small. Finally, I found one pair that fit almost everywhere. At this point, I don't care about length ... so what if it's about a foot too long! I'm 5'1, pants are made for those 6 inches taller than me! I looked carefully at them.

For the record, they are Mossimo Fit 4 Size 4. I looked through my stack of 12 pair of pants and found one more that same Fit & Size. I tried them on. Almost perfect, again the length are a little long, but at this point I really don't care! So the next day, we went to pick up a prescription. I discovered that these pants were on sale! So I scrounged around for another Fit 4, Size 4 and found ONE! I didn't even try them on. Went through the line and came home. I was happy!

UNTIL ... this morning. I failed to see one word ... SKINNY! They were Fit 4, Size 4, SKINNY Jeans. I slipped them on and realized right away the error of my way. Now so they fit ... but they were a skinny leg jean. I personally believe that skinny leg jeans only look good if the length of the jean is right. Um, these were about 6 inches too long. They looked TERRIBLE! So now it's back to Target to return these jeans that made me so happy that I didn't have to go into the dressing room. Ugh! Only thing that is worse than going shopping is taking things back. It's like walking into a firing squad, "Why are you returning these cute jeans?" ... because I'm not the right body type for these jeans ... I can't help that I'm 5'1 and am too short to pull off this fashion trend .. now just leave me alone while I slump out of the store!

I must be glutton for punishment because I decided on a whim to go to the Goodwill store. Now, I typically go there for khaki's. I figure if I have to wear Khaki's to work where they are liable to get anything on them from Bleach to paint to kid vomit, I am not going to spend 20 bucks on a pair of pants. 3 to 4 dollars will work just fine and dandy. So, I pulled out 20 pair of khaki's hoping that 1/2 of them would fit and that I could choose 5 out of the 10 pair. Um yeah. 2 out of 20 fit. Seriously. What is the problem with this?

So I hit the racks for shirts. Now this is where I scored! I tried on 5 shirts and a red hoodie. I bought 4 of the 6 things!

Here are 3 of the 4 things I purchased. From Left to right: What I'm assuming is a sweater from JCPenny, A Green Sweater from Cato, and a sleeveless top from Banana Republic!

Want a closer look? Sure you do!

So I loved this sweater from Catos last season. The problem was that it didn't fit quite right for me to spend 30 plus dollars on it. If it had been on clearance at 10 bucks, I would have bought one. However, I'm so glad I didn't because I spent 4.59 on this baby! :)

The part about the magenta sweater that I love is two fold. One is that it's not that thick and the other ... this lacey ruffle on the bottom of the sweater and on the sleeves! It made me smile the moment I put it on because A: It's one of my favorite clothes colors for winter and B: well see the cute ruffle .. enough said!

Banana Republic Bargain at $3.34. Can't beat it! Seriously.

Then last night, Rob & I went out to eat. Problem was that the restaurant we wanted to go was so crowded that there was no parking. So we went to Target first, where I found two pair of shorts on sale for 75 percent off. I bought 2 pairs (yes I tried them on this time - yes I went in with 10 SHORTS and only 2 fit. Crazy women's sizing!). THEN, I was challenged.

We pulled outside of Kohl's at 7:05. I said I'd meet Rob back at the truck at 7:30. He said there was no way. Challenge accepted. The caveat was that if I wasn't out there at 7:30 it meant I was waiting in a long check out line! I practically ran into Kohl's and began digging through their clearance racks quickly. I kept watch checking and ran into the dressing room with about 8 items. Some of the items I had been watching for a while. I may go to a different Kohl's to try on this orange lovey I've been wanting for a while, but couldn't find the right size at my location.

However ... in 24 minutes, I walked in the store, tried on 8 items, discovered that I wanted 3 of the 8, checked out and got back to the truck. I got to the truck at 7:29. That my dear friends is a miracle. That my dear friends is a shopping experience I loved! And for the shirt I've been looking at:

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