Friday, September 23, 2011

Saturday Events

For so long, Saturdays were my "rest up" days. I never planned anything on a Saturday because it was simply the day I used to rest up after forcing myself to work all week. So I think that I will start to post the things I do on Saturdays now that I'm in "remission."

Originally I had planned to head about 3 hours out of town to hang out with a college friend and his future wife. They are having a party for the wedding, but I have been having some allergy problems so I thought it might be wiser to stay closer to home just in case I have problems over the weekend. The past week every evening I've either taken Claritin or Zyrtec and every morning I've taken Quercetin (it's a natural antihistimine).

So it calls for a change of plans.

First, I'm going to hang with one of my closest Lyme friends. She won the raffle from the Lyme Lunch and she wasn't able to attend. So I offered to bring her what she won. We'll hang out for a couple of hours and then I'll go to a mall that I rarely go to. I need to look for some fall tops and possibly some pants. Because I've gained weight since last fall/winter, none of my clothes fit. In fact, a lot of my shirts are too small even. So, off to the stores I must go. I don't mind shopping, but it is disheartening to try on 25 pair of pants and only find 1 pair that fit right (yes that happened one day this past week). Then I'll come home.

I hope to finish up that huge laundry pile that has been growing by the day in the morning before I leave for my friend's house. We'll see. I have to go Zyrtec myself up now (I'm trying to NOT get sick in September -- If I manage to keep the allergies away, then I'll manage to keep the Bronchitis/Pneumonia away!!!!). Actually woke up with no sore throat today and very little coughing! This is a sign of good things. My body might be fighting it off without antibiotics! Crossing my fingers on that one. I have my LLMD the following Saturday. The reason we chose 3 months instead of 6 months is because I always get sick in September. Knock on wood. It's day 23 and I've managed to stave off an infection. :}

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