Friday, January 11, 2013

Computer issues

I'm using a temporary computer - with none of my bookmarks and none of my saved passwords to get into places - like blogger.  Kind of good to get a new perspective of what's "needed" and what's "not" needed in the virtual world.  Will probably clean out a few bookmarks when my real computer it back up and running.  What has been missed is this blog.  I miss it so much - I miss reading my friend's blogs too.  I wasn't able to remember my log-in and password for blogger yesterday so when I logged in under "another" account - it would let me post or read any blogs.  Fortunately this morning, my log in email just "came to me." 

Life has pretty much been at a stand still. I'm not getting better, but I'm not getting worse.  So that's a good thing I guess.  Every time it rains, my body lets me know.  Thankful I'll be home all day - on a very rainy morning.  Probably "veg" out on the couch all day. 

Haven't received any "panic" phone calls about my blood work last week - so I'm taking no news as good news.  Usually within a week of the blood work if anything wonky turns up that a new medicine is needed- they call.  But if it was normal or just a little wonky, I won't receive a phone call. I have my follow up next week anyhow so I'll find out in a few days what my blood work told the doctors. 

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