Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in review

In January of 2012:

I began taking three college courses - one was Admin 1 (and 2).  I did well and got on the Dean's list for the semester with a perfect average over the three courses. My health was continually declining.  I had some terrible weeks throughout January and I had many HBOT treatments along with homeopathic treatments.

In February 2012: 

I continued the college courses, HBOTs and homeopathic treatments.  My blood work showed how terrible I was really doing - My husband was in a terrible car accident.  His little car was totaled, but it kept him safe.  The only thing that was wrong with my husband after the accident was that his nose was burned from the chemicals in the airbags. 

In March 2012:

March was the month that I think of as the catalyst of change. My 5 year anniversary of being diagnosed happened in March of 2012.  I dressed up like the Cat in the Hat and got to eat at the Top of the Hill at UNC-Chapel Hill. I also jumped on a trampoline for the first time and rested on a hammock. I went to witness the wedding of a close friend's little brother.  My other friend had a baby unexpectedly (she didn't know she was pregnant and neither did anyone else).  However the biggest catalyst if change happened when we walked into a house that would soon be our home.  We had talked about moving for a few years, but I really never thought it would happen.  But, I sit here typing from the room that I knew would be my office from the moment I walked into this house.  I said back in march 2012:  We know that if it's God's will, it will happen. - And happen it did. 

In April 2012: 

In April, we put down a deposit on the house - hoping we'd be able to move in right away.  Right away we did - a mere 6 weeks later!  It was also in April when I had a case of MRSA in my nose.  This was the catalyst to a change in health.  My health got worse after this.  So bad so that we put IV antibiotics off the table a little later because I was too sick to make it a consideration.

In May 2012:

In May, we moved into our new home - I also hosted a screening of Under Our Skin. We also sold our old home.  May was crazy - but in a good way.

In June, July and August 2012:
I began battling Lyme & Babesia - for reals.  I began Mepron.  My body fought back.
My pain got so bad in July/August and my toxin build up was so bad that we changed our plans and I went on a detox plan until I could get my body back in control.

September 2012:
September I took control of my life.  I decided to have some days of fun no matter how poorly I felt.  I went to the beach wiht Lyme friends, I went to Charlotte to hang out with some Lyme friends and then attended a 5K to raise awareness for Lyme Disease.

October 2012:
I went to hang out with my college best friend - and got to see another college friend also.  It was such a nice visit with them.  My health got better and worse. 

November 2012:
My husband and I went to the beach to "celebrate" Black Friday.

December 2012:

My friend Alisa had her baby boy who lived 61 minutes on Earth - London Daniel Lara made an impact on the world.

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