Saturday, August 25, 2012

House Update

Things are going very slow around the house.  It's difficult for me to do much, but I try to do one thing in the house every day so that the every day life mess doesn't start to creep up in the house.  Today, I want to try to sweep off the back & front porch and side walk.  I'm not sure if I'll get it done, but it is something I'd really like to accomplish today.  I've already swept off 1/2 of the back porch so that is better than nothing. 

We had several warranty items that needed fixing and this was the week for that.  On Monday, we had a guy come look at our tub.  It was really rough feeling and apparently was supposed to be smooth.  It wasn't in our warranty, but our builder took a look and got someone to come out to smooth it out.  On Tuesday, we had a guy come look at our kitchen faucet.  The hot water was coming out at 1/2 speed the cold.  It wasn't like this in any other sink in the house. Plus the part that holds on the sprayer broken into thirds so he looked at that too.  He fixed both problems at the same time. 

Then Thursday, we had the flooring guy come.  He was to look at the vinyl in the master bathroom, the carpet nails and an area of loose carpeting we had near the fire place.  They had only told him there were a few nails sticking up and about the vinyl.  If by a few nails, they meant every single nail was popping through at every threshold and we had to be careful walking in our bare feet into every room of the house or we'd get popped with a sharp nail -- then year, there were a "few."  LOL. 

He fixed the vinyl in the bathroom and I showed him the issue with the thresholds.  He called his boss because he was told it was only a few nails here and there, not every threshold, against the walls and all the way up the stairs.  His boss is supposed to send someone else to fix the majority of it, but he was very kind and tacked down the nails in the threshold in my office and the living room and around the fire place.  He even fixed the loose carpet around the fireplace.  He said at least I wouldn't have to worry bout stepping on sharp things between those two rooms (which is where I spend most of my time), but because the builder won't pay the vinyl guy for the time he spent on the carpet - his boss was going to send a carpet specialist to take care of the rest of our carpet issues.  I think he just felt bad for us especially when he sat down on the carpet by the fireplace, put his hand down and got a sharp metal piece into his own hand. 

In addition to those things, there was a small hole in the concrete in our driveway.  The builder came by himself to fix that Thursday and said he would send someone to take care of the broken brick on the side of our house on  Friday. 

We do have a pest control company to take care of the ticks and various other pests.  We don't have a various other pest problem, but the tick issue was terrible at this house.  They come out quarterly, but if we notice anything in between visits, we can call and have them come out to retreat for no charge.  The past week or two I've noticed some ants on the back porch so I called and they will come out on Saturday to treat for them. 

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