Friday, August 31, 2012

headache free

Health Update:

So I've now been on the new detox supplements for over a week.  After being off the antibiotics for two full weeks and on the detox supplements for 5 days, my headache decreased significantly.  I woke up this morning headache free.  Actually, I woke up clear headed and with a little bit of energy (I think this is due to the different kind of b12 I've been taking).  It's a spray.  The energy makes me feel better over all. 

I am still having pain in different muscles and bones, but at least for today my head feels better.

Home Update:

So I decided to make use of my energy spurt  this morning and do some things around the house.  I focused on the downstairs so I'd feel accomplished when I was finished.  Plus the items I did downstairs were easy accomplished in 5 minutes or less each.  I finished one task, rested some and the moved on to my next task.  It's my goal to always keep the downstairs area looking tidy so that if I were to have guests (neighbors, family or friends) come by that I wouldn't feel the need to "have" to clean.  We need to really work on the upstairs, but I am taking it one thing at a time. 

  • My Office - Straightened
  • Guest Bathroom Downstairs - I cleaned the toilet and sink.
  • Dining Room - Straightened
  • Kitchen - Straightened (and cleaned the stove top)
  • Living Room - Straightened
  • Master Bedroom - Straightened.
  • Master Bathroom - cleaned toilet and sinks.  
I love my new house.  It's so relaxing and comfortable.  

Fun (I left the house) Update:

  • On Wednesday, I did an informal observation at friend's school.  She was appreciative of my input and has already implemented several suggestions.
  • On Thursday, I had my hair trimmed and styled. 

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