Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 2 of Detoxification

Day 1 I took exactly what I was supposed to take, no more and no less.  I felt a little more clear headed by the end of the night, but my headache was still there.  I was asked how my headaches feel.  I'll do my best to describe them. 

Honestly, my headaches change through out the day.  Sometimes it feels like someone has taken a child's belt and put it around the circumference of my head and tightened it.  Then, when it can tighten no more -- they tighten it down one more notch.  Other times it feels like someone is taking a blunted object and shoving into my brain.  Most of the time the shoving pain is on the left hemisphere, but it has lately turned into a frontal lobe pain.  I can have sharp pain, dull pain, a pulsating pain, a pressure pain.  Sometimes they happen all at the same time and when this happens I start to see shapes similar to what you would see if someone had taken flash photography over and over again.  

I am not a pain medicine kind of woman. The only time I've taken true pain medication (IE narcotics) is when I had surgery and it was pretty much forced on me.  Even then, I would take it for the day of the surgery and maybe the day after and then switch to something else because I just don't like the idea of narcotics. Also, I am sensitive to over the counter pain relievers.  I used to take either Motrin or Tylenol (both children's versions too because if I take adult strength then it knocks me out), but the most recent times I've taken Motrin I've had a reaction that has gotten worse.  Therefore, I can pretty much only taken children's tylenol.  I *only* take it when I have the all over, different types of brain aches, pain and need something to try to take the edge off.  I knew I was having a problem with pain when I took it three days in a row.  That's when I stopped all my antibiotics.  I thought by going off of them for 4 days the pain would ease off.  It didn't.  That's why we started the new plan for now. 

Day 2

So anyways.  This morning I got up and started day 2.  I had originally planned to only increase the dosage of 3 of the items, but decided to go ahead and up my dosage on a few other items as well.  Things that stayed the same as yesterday I marked with "same as yesterday"  I have a long way to go before the first three items are at the dosage I'm supposed to be taking.  (depending on how I take it - under the tongue - 10 drops or in water 30 drops)

This is what my morning supplements looked like:

  • Cerebromax (2 drops x twice daily)
  • Spinalmax (2 drops x twice daily)
  • Matrix Support (2 drops x twice daily)
  • Tox Ease GL (full dropper x twice daily) - same as yesterday
  • Solray D Spray (2 sprays x twice daily) 
  • Methyl B12 Spray (1 spray x twice daily - same as yesterday
  • Lymph 2 (full dropper x twice daily - well before other supplements)
  • Hawthorn Intrinsic (full dropper x twice daily)
  • Vitamin C (1 gram AM, 2 grams PM)
  • Multivitamin (2 x twice daily)
Tonight I'll do the above and add the Vitamin B

Since I increased the dosage of so many items (6), I won't add anything new today. 

This morning I woke up with stabbing pain in frontal lobe and a numb sensation in my right hemisphere.  I do feel more clear headed this morning (IE, I could think of the words hemisphere and circumference without having to do a lot of googling to figure out the words I wanted to use). 


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