Thursday, August 23, 2012


I typically avoid writing about specific supplements that I take.  I do this for one of two reasons.  I don't want anyone to think that they should self treat with the over the counter supplements that have been prescribed to me by my doctor for very specific reasons.  Also, I do this to protect myself. 

However in order to help myself heal and get through the process, I have decided to do what I never do.  I am going to share about the supplements I'll be taking.  Now one thing you must realize is that I am *VERY* sensitive to supplements and medications.  I always thought this was due to my very low weight, but now that I am in the normal weight range - the sensitivity continues.  So, I rarely start off where I need to.  Example was when I was on LDN.  The typical amount of LDN for patients was in the 4.5mg area.  I had to start off at 1/2 mg.  I finally got up to 3mg, but I was never able to stabilize there. So in the end, I stopped LDN because I never could reach the dosage that my immune system needed.

A lot of people use "pill containers" for their daily doses.  However, I use mostly homeopathics in dropper form so those pill containers don't do squat for me.  So what I do is work out an excel spreadsheet.  At the top of the sheet, I list Sunday through Saturday.  I list them twice.  One for AM and one for PM. One sheet of paper is my week's worth of supplements/medication.  Then on the left side of the paper, I list all of the supplements/medications.  I make sure that there is an outline for each little box so that when it prints off I am able to easily check off the box for that particular supplement on that particular day.  If am I dosing up --- for example:  1 drop on Monday, 2 drops on Tuesday, 3 drops on Wednesday -- then I mark how many drops for that box so that I know when I grab that bottle --- exactly what my dosage is.

Right now I have 23 items listed on the left.  However to start, I won't use all 23 items.  In fact, last night I only used 6 items.  This morning I only used 10 items. Some of the times I won't be using for another few weeks, but I wanted them on my excel spreadsheet already.  Some things on the list won't be taken on the same day.  Example is that the first 3 items on the list will be taken on day 1,2,3 of the week and the second 3 items on the list will be taken on day 4,5,6 and 7.  Some items I only take once a day (like the Vitamin B because it makes me nauseated and I can fall asleep before it makes my stomach turn).  Some items I don't even have at home yet.  Some items I know exactly what they are for and some I have no clue.

All of the items on my list:

  • Cerebromax
  • Spinalmax
  • Matrix Support
  • Detox 1
  • Detox 2
  • Detox 3
  • Tox Ease GL
  • Solray D Spray (has Vitamin D and K)
  • Methyl B12 Spray 
  • Lymph 2 
  • Hawthorn Intrinsic
  • Scrofulara Intrinsic
  • Lapacho Intrinsic
  • Probiotic
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B
  • MultiVitamin
  • BAB 1
  • CLA-K
  • Whey Protein
  • Vitamin E
  • Mepron
  • Zithromax
The items I started last night/this morning and I marked which ones were NEW overall and which ones were NEW formulas for me and which ones I've been on before:
  • New: Cerebromax - started at 1 drop x twice daily - on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays only
  • New: Spinalmax - started at 1 drop x twice daily on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays only.
  • New: Matrix Support - started at 1 drop x twice daily on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only.
  • Old: Tox Ease GL - FULL DROPPER (this is not new to me) x twice daily
  • New Formula: Solray D Spray (has Vitamin D and K) - started at 1 spray x twice daily
  • New Formula: Methyl B12 Spray  - started at 1 spray x twice daily
  • Old: Lymph 2  - FULL DROPPER (this is not new to me) x twice daily
  • Old: Hawthorn Intrinsic - 1/2 dropper (not new, but body is not ready for full dropper) x twice daily
  • Old: Vitamin C - start at 1 Gram x twice daily, but will ramp up quickly b.c it's not new x twice (might get up to three times a day) daily
  • Old: Vitamin B - 2 at bed time
  • Old:  MultiVitamin - 1 am, 2 at bedtime 
The Lymph 2 MUST be taken away from food and other supplements.  So I must take that one as soon as I wake up and about 20 minutes before bed and other supplements. 

I will be slowly moving up in dosage on the first three items and also slowly adding in some other items next week.  However, today, tomorrow and Saturday I will focus strictly on these 11 items and increasing the first three things by one drop per dosage per day (IE by Saturday I hope to be taking 3 drops x twice daily).  It's hard to know what are side effects from herxing, detoxing and simply the supplements not agreeing with me.  I am to add one at a time and every few days add a new one.  Last night I started 2 new formulas and this morning I started 3 new things (they must be taken together).  The rest of the stuff I've taken before which is why I started off with 11 things today. 

I really need this to work.  I'm in a great deal of pain. 

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