Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Health:  I've been having a difficult time the past few weeks.  I am on three oral antibiotics (Omnicef, Mepron and Zithromax).  I attempted to start the fourth one (Doxycycline), but I began vomiting with that one.  I think it's the combination of the four that did me in.   I've had a multiple of symptoms over the last two weeks.  They vary in severity.   I've had a lot of pain.  I've experienced headaches as well as pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, hands, lower back, legs, knees, feet, lung and side.   I've experienced some twitching, chills, sweats, fatigue and breathing difficulty.  I've also experienced occasional sneezing, nausea and itching. 

One of my most frustrating symptoms, other than the pain, is with comprehension. I had slowly realized it was happening, but a few weeks ago I was talking with my friend on the phone.  I realized that I had no idea what he was saying.  I couldn't comprehend him at all.  I was too embarrassed to tell him I couldn't understand his words or their meanings so I changed the subject and rushed him off the phone.  Comprehension is better in person, but phone calls lately have been brutal. It's not all the time and it's not just one or two people.  When it happens, it's frustrating.  It is what it is, but it doesn't mean I want it to continue happening. 

Home:  We've not made any new changes to the house since the last update.  I've used our upright steamer to straighten out a couple of curtains.  I'll eventually get them all done, but it is taking forever because my stamina isn't holding up. 

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