Friday, July 13, 2012

Follow Up 1 week ago

I had my follow up 8 days ago.  I've really had to digest this last appointment. 

Each appointment, we get closer and closer to pulling out the big dogs.  By big dogs, I mean IV antibiotics.   I truly believe that if we weren't having such a tremendous heat wave (even though this week is cool -- and if my appt had been this week, our decision may have been different) he would have scheduled me to have a picc line inserted.  However, we had a string of over 100 degree days and a line with that weather (and humidity) is just doomed from the beginning especially with my skin sensitivity to the line, dressings, cleaning solutions.  It's much better to be a cooler temp. 

So with that said:  My next follow up is near the end of August.  This weekend, I will start all 4 of my oral antibiotics along with a multitude of supplements. I will be on these through my follow up.  Depending on how I do will depend on the next step, but based on previous attempts --- more than likely at the beginning of September,  I will be having another picc line inserted to do my first ever IV antibiotics.  It will also give me access for other types of IVs as well. 

Truthfully, I should have started this process in January - but it takes my mind a while to catch up with what my body needs.  I was fighting this process and now I'm fighting Lyme and Babesia and apparently Mycoplasma Pneumoniae.  I'm tired of fighting, but I can't afford to give up.  I've given myself a medication respite with approval from my LLMD so I could get some stuff out of my body, but I really need to restart them.  I work a long day today (but Jennifer, you quit back in December you say --- well I went on substitute status and they really need me to work today --- ).  I've known for a few weeks I'd work today which was one of the reason I went on med respite this week so that I wouldn't be having a herx reaction while working.

I've worked a couple of 6 hour shifts since quitting in December, but no more than that.  So pray that I can make it for the 9 hours I'm there (plus the scant hour of traveling) without falling asleep and without mental confusion and without great pain. 

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