Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Very Quiet

I've been very quiet this month, mostly because I just simply didn't have much to say.  So here's an update.  Health, Work and Home.

It's hard for me to be so extra positive when I feel so extra terrible.  In June, I worked ZERO days.  I barely left the house by myself.  In fact, I may have only left the house by myself once (maybe twice) in June.  July has been a little different.  I've worked twice and left the house by myself several times, but it's because I've forced myself to. 

The antibiotics are doing a number on me.  I'm on three of them currently.  Supposed to be four, but haven't found the courage to take the one that I know will kick me down. I *will* start the fourth one this week because I want to have been on that one at least 4 weeks before I see the doctor again. 

I'm on a multitude of pharmaceuticals. I'm on a multitude of integrative supplements (herbal remedies and vitamins).  Some I've been on before and some are new.

I mentioned that we had living room furniture, but didn't mention what we purchased etc.  Maybe one of these days I'll write a post about our furniture karma. 

We're settling into our new home.  I absolutely love it.  Downstairs is looking pretty phenomenal actually.  I have room for company to come spend the day.  I rarely have company, but it's nice that they'll have a place to sit now.  Originally we were going to buy whatever it was we wanted for living room furniture.  We were going to be cautious and not extravagant, but we weren't going to get cheapy cheap furniture either.  At our old house, we had a futon.  -- a futon.  you know in lieu of a couch.  a FUTON.  which was not comfortable for sitting or for sleeping.

We looked online at the big stores in Raleigh (so that we wouldn't have to go in person unless we found something we wanted to sit in) and visited smaller furniture stores in our area.  Then one day while we were waiting for a friend to arrive at a restaurant (we had called a friend to meet us out to eat and it was going to take longer for him to get there than us -), we stopped by Big Lots.  We go to Big Lots on occasion, but honestly we rarely actually buy anything from Big Lots.  So we strolled aisle by aisle and then hit the furniture section.  We saw a few, "actually those aren't bad" pieces and got word that friend had arrived at the restaurant.  We went back to Big Lots four times before deciding we'd go ahead and buy three pieces.  One Couch, One Loveseat and One Recliner for less the price we would have spent on one couch. 

So I've already found "my spot" (ala Sheldon Cooper).  I pretty much only sit (or lay down) in the left hand side of the couch.  Occasionally, I move to the recliner. 

Here it is.  There is room behind the couch - we have the fish tank (which is huge and pretty, but unused at the moment) . The side table there and ottoman are temporary placements.  We aren't sure where they'll go, but for now that's where they stay.  It gives me a place for my drinks and food when I'm in my spot.  I love love love the color of the curtains and the color of the chair.  Speaking of colors - so the chairs LOOK black, but they also look brown.  It's the most bizarre thing.  When the curtains and blinds are open, it looks brown.  (for the reference, I wanted brown -- brown dark brown brown - but we chose these because the only brown  -- brown dark brown brown Big Lots had were not comfortable, this set was comfortable)

First Photo:  Foreground:  Living Room showing the Peacock color chair and the peacock color curtains and the recliner.  Background to the left 1/2 Bathroom door, Background Middle kitchen, Background Archway leads to garage, laundry room and master bedroom.

This shows a portion of the living room.  You see the curtains and seating area of the living room.

Well, I have to go rest.  I've been up for one hour and need to go lay back down.  It stinks, but I'm learning to live with it for now.  At least I have a comfortable place to rest.

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