Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting there

Yesterday, we focused on two rooms.  The laundry room and the dining room. 

The first time we walked into our new house, I knew of one huge change we had to make.  The laundry room had only one shelf.  My old tiny little closet of a laundry room had three shelves so I knew one of the first "additions" we would make would be to add shelving into the room.  So my husband worked on it for three hours yesterday. He's almost finished with the main portion.  We haven't decided how we want the washers and dryers yet (close side by side or spaced apart with the space in the middle).  If we move it all the way over to the left of the room, then there is enough room on the right hand side for the vacuum which was my preference.  However, it doesn't look symmetrical which annoys us.  So we'll play around with it for a while until we decide which way we want it.  He also has to putty up the holes for the old shelf and repaint.  We may have to lower the shelves a bit. It will take some time to decide.

Also while we were at Target yesterday, we saw a rust colored curtain.  So we picked up one (knowing if we picked up four that we'd hate them and have to return them, but if we picked up only one we'd love them and need to go pick up 3 more) and brought it back home.  Brought them home and saw that they really did match well.  In addition, it really matches our plates!

We went to Lowe's to return some blinds that didn't match.  We had picked them up on clearance and while they had the same color written on the outside --- the color had variance which did not work at all.  So we returned them.  While we were there, we picked up curtain rods to hang up our new curtains.  Then we glanced down the lighting aisle.  We really weren't going to pick up any new lights for the dining room quite yet and were quite conflicted with the selection. We were about to leave when we saw it ---- the light fixture we saw a few weeks ago, but the price was outrageous and we couldn't see spending that much money on a light fixture. 

We happened to look and realized that it was now on clearance and was in our we can afford price range. My husband put it together last night and will attempt to hang it tonight.  Then, I can't wait to get art work on the wall.  We're trying to decide whether to take our corner piece somewhere to get someone to refinish it.  I love love love the piece, but it still smells after weeks of cleaning it.  So I think we need to take it somewhere to get them to strip and refinish it.  We have to research it. 

Also, our refrigerator finally arrived.  We have to go to the grocery store because we lost all of our refrigerated food in the move.  I'm very happy with our new home.  We'll get everything in it's place eventually.

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