Friday, June 1, 2012

Dose 1 of Mepron

One of the co-infections that ticks can give is called Babesia.  Some call it Babesiosis.  I call it a pain in my sweat glands.  Until recently, we didn't think Babesia was a problem.  Then, we realized Babesia was one of the many cocktail of things that the tick gave to me.  As soon as my hero said the words, I knew the word to follow would be Mepron. 

I've been scared of Mepron since about day 56 (just chose random day near the beginning) of my treatment.  I knew a woman that was on it.  She called it yellow paint.  To show you what it looks like, I did a google image search. 

I  do not know how my body is going to react, but I am terrified of this yellow medicine.   I was to start today.  I typically plan a start date and if a medicine worries me --- I wait and wait and wait.  BUT, my symptoms have been so bad lately that I knew waiting was not an option.  So --- today --- 15 minutes ago actually, I took my first 5 ML's of YELLOW PAINT. 

Honest Opinion:  Initial taste wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The aftertaste packed a punch, but not nearly as bad as Zithromax.  With Mepron, we are supposed to eat FATTY foods.  So I ate pizza (hello fatty foods!) and after I took my 5ML dose -- I  ate a peanut bar.  The remainder of the taste isn't in my mouth anymore.  Now I just wait and see.  At least I got the first dose out of the way, but that doesn't mean I'm not still scared. 

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Pamela Root said...

I started on Mepron about a month ago - & yes it is YELLOW PAINT! I love that it says take with fatty food :)