Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Hurricane is a coming

Hurricane Irene is suspected to make landfall sometime over the next couple of days. Friday night/ Saturday morning. Don't know how bad she'll be. I think we'll get rain & wind here. But I'll keep you up to date if I can (IE if we don't lose power and or internet). We are outside the "Hurricane Warning" by a couple of counties. But our county does have a Flash Flood watch for overnight.

Some of my beach friends are leaving and some are staying.


Now speaking of unusual weather: As some of you might know, Virginia had a 5.8 Earthquake the other day. yes I felt it at my home in North Carolina! It was a loud enough that I thought it was a garbage truck right up on my home, but I felt my body start to move. I thought how odd and went to see which garbage company was making such a racket only to realize there were no trucks out there. It was then that I realized that more than likely it was an Earthquake. Though I did have brief thoughts that our Shearon Harris plant had an explosion of some kind!

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