Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

So the rain and wind are crazy. I mean really here where we live, it's only a little stronger than a terrible thunderstorm (without the thunder). The wind though .. it's ridiculous!! This morning around 6:45, our power went out for a couple of hours. I tried to sleep through the outage and it came back on. Because I was so exhausted, I slept longer. I got up around 10am and as I did, the power went back out. Tried to go back to sleep (I just prefer to sleep through power outages so I don't realize what I'm missing!). Decided at almost noon to leave for lunch and the power came back on. I've read online that my neighbor's power went out again. I'm sure it's not the end of mini power outages.

We went out for pizza and then went shopping. I mean why not? The rain was going sideways because of the wind. Umbrellas & Wind don't mix. Anyways, we saw several garbage cans knocked over. Many branches from trees all over yards and in one case there was one huge branch on someone's front porch. Doesn't appear to be all that bad here, but over at the beach ... I have friends posting pictures from their back porch ... well it appears to be at least knee high water. They ain't leaving unless it's on a boat with their flippie floppies.

anyways, we're safe.

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