Sunday, August 29, 2010

June 16, 2007

I just found this old journal entry I wrote on June 16, 2007. I am LAUGHING at it myself now because I realize this was the beginning of the transformation of "don't care how I look Jennifer" to "I can wear a dress just because I want to Jennifer." And today .. Man I feel like a Woman!


Those of you that know me in person know that I am NOT into making myself look Glamorous. I couldn't care less if I was wearing sweatpants to meet the Queen of England herself. I couldn't care less if I was wearing work out clothes to meet Marty Casey (okay maybe I could care about that one). I am NOT that person. I did not have someone special "Do" my hair for my wedding. I did not have someone special "Do" my make up it either. I threw it up in a bun like any other day and ran with it!

So WHY am I going NUTS over a stupid banquet? I feel like one of those high maintenance chicks that goes nuts over hair and make up. Do these shoes go with this dress? Could I wear this ring with that watch? I spent TWO HOURS straightening my hair. How many of you think that anyone will notice? AND now I'm worried about a handbag. Here is is with almost an hour to go and I'm just now thinking purse won't match.

I can thank my parents for sending me to Barbizon because if I want I CAN actually do my make up.

I don't know if I'm hearing "Glamorous" in my head or "Man I feel like a Woman" by Shania Twain. And you guys know that I despise country music. Fortunately for all of you, you won't see me look like this! I feel like an impersonator of someone else. I don't feel like Jennifer! I feel like ... (insert anyone you know that wears a lot of make up and dresses up high maintenance).


Here it is three years later and I no longer feel like an impersonator, but I still refuse to wear make-up (on most occasions). I can't believe I spent two hours straightening my hair though. Though it was quite long at that time so quite possibly it did take two hours.

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