Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 42 of the CD

If you recall, CD stands for Crazy Diet. Here is what I wrote about it on July 25th to jog your (and my) memory.

But in addition to some specific medications that were prescribed by my crazy doctor, my husband is going to be having 2 days of crazy fat foods. He's to eat burgers, cheeses, carbs, ice cream, and whatever else he desires that has high fat content. THEN, for 40 days he can only consume 500 calories a day along with these prescribed things that I don't want to get into. It surely will be interesting. My doc's first patient is someone that works in his office. He's completed the 42 day CD and he's been in the maintenance phase for a while too and he's still within 2 pounds of the last day of his diet.


So the big question is, "How did we do?" Honestly, I have to admit I was a tad bit skeptical. Most docs only recommend losing a couple to 3 pounds a week much less 34 pounds in 42 days. My husband has tried to lose weight before and with varying degrees of success. He actually lost about 25 pounds a while back, but then gained almost 1/2 of it back with vacation and the loss of my grandfather. How did he actually do? I'll admit. He did a fabulous job. There were some cheat moments here and there, but did he meet his goal? Did he lost 34 pounds in 42 days? I'll let you ... tell me!

I did crop his face out of this one just because he thought his face was kind of silly, but it was the best photo of the bunch to show off his new physique.

Now for the facts. He did indeed meet his goal. He's lost 34.6 pounds. His BMI went from around 33 percent to around 25 percent. I created a chart of foods. In this chart, I typed in every food he ate along with his weight every morning. It was a fairly simple chart in which I also included any "cheat" foods he ate. He had his own more complex chart he filled out every day as well which included his BMI and any exercise he might have done.

I also had a measurement chart. On the day he started the CD, I took measurements from his neck, chest, stomach, waist, right arm, right calf, right ankle, right thigh, hips, etc. Then every once in a while, we'd remeasure to see how things were progressing. We saw how things were going on the scale, but this really was the indicator to me that things were working. I won't put the actual numbers due to the embarrasment factor, but I will put the "loss" number.

Neck: Lost 1.5 inches
Right Arm (bicep area): Lost 1.25 inches
Chest: Lost 5.5 inches
Waist: Lost 4.75 inches
Stomach: Lost 5.75

Hips: Lost 3.75 inches
Right Thigh: Lost 2.75 inches
Right Calf: Lost 1.25 inches
Right Ankle: Lost .75 inches

Where do we go from here? Well for the next three days, he will stop the medications and continue the 500 calorie diet. Then upon that milestone, he will pretty much be able to eat whatever he wants minus Carbs. The goal is to stay under 1500 calories, but we really won't be counting. He just has to watch the scale. If he loses or gains 2 pounds, then he has to recalculate what he's eating to maintain where he is today. We'll see the doctor again soon and see how much further he has to go, but we're thinking it's about 15 pounds.

I am extremely proud of my husband. He went from fitting comfortably into a XLshirt to fitting comfortably into a MEDIUM shirt. The orange shirt above was even a size Small!


Kara said...

Oh, wow! This is fabulous news!! Many congratulations to you hubby. :-)

Piper Belle said...

That is awesome! Tell my big brother I am SO proud of him. 500 calories a day must have made him a bear to live with! Love you guys.