Saturday, August 21, 2010

SO long 4 nights

My headache has continued so last night I skipped the LDN. I will go back to the LDN rate where it didn't give me a headache which was 3 days at 1mg and 1 day at .5mg and then try again with the 4 days. This is per instructions given to me at my LLMD the last time I was there. Keep pushing it up until my body tells me to stop (which is the beasty headache I have had for the last 48 hours). I don't even know how I functioned yesterday at work. Today the plan is to rest as much as possible as tomorrow I have a very exciting baby shower to go to.

Speaking of baby showers. A coworker had her baby a little over 3 weeks early. Mom & Baby are doing well. It means I will get some hours at work at least for next week so I'm excited about the money aspect, but a little scared in how I'll be able to function. I know I will be just fine though. Always am able to do what I have to do when I have to do it until I stop, then I collapse. (which is what is happening today. I did what I had to do last week and then finally stopped)

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