Friday, August 13, 2010

LDN Update

So at the end of May, I began the LDN. It was when I had begun 1 mg. Once I had taken 3 days of 1mg LDN I had a horrible headache. Since the first few days of June, I have been gradually increasing my doses from .5mg every other day until I was able to take .5mg every day. In the last week or so I have been able to take 1mg every other day and then the past two doses, I took 1mg two days in a row and then .5mg of LDN. Well tonight will be the first time I've taken 3 days of 1mg LDN since I began my regiment. I have no lightheadedness or headaches tonight so I'm hoping I'll be good to go tomorrow.

This is a very slow process, but I'm actually going a bit faster than I thought originally. I never went up to get my lab results. I think I'll stop by one day this upcoming week to see how my NK cells are doing. I'm feeling "okay." I've been a bit fatigued, but that's really been my only big symptom in the last week or two. I had a couple of days of jaw pain and leg pain, but it went away fairly quickly after onset.

Ever wonder what this LDN looks like? Well every compounding pharmacy makes it look different, but this is what 1mg from my particular pharmacy for me looks like:

In order for me to take it, I must open up the capsule and put it in something I can eat.

There ya go. 1mg LDN in a spoonful of Applesauce. If I want to take .5mg then I open up the capsule and figure out 1/2 of it. It's not precise, but it's the best I can do. I just took my 3rd night in a row of LDN and now it's time to hit the bed. I typically take it around 7:50 and hit hte bed by 8. Tonight I took it a bit later and I can already tell the difference.

My heart is racing, but shortly I should be asleep and won't notice it.

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