Thursday, April 1, 2010

Truth, Partial Truth or Tall Tale?

So this precious dog right here is mischievous

He got into a handful of trouble today. Maybe I should just change his name to Trouble. I'm sure I know the events of what happened. Dexter had fun in the process.

So I walked out to the mailbox to get our daily mass of junk mail. I don't even know where I put it because while I was out there I realized that Dexter was being VERY quiet. I walked over to where I had put him out and he wasn't there. I looked for the chain and realized it was still there and was still in tact. So my thought was that maybe Dexter's collar had broken. It didn't matter what had happened, but I had to find my dog and fast. There was no telling where he was.

I took the mail back into the house and grabbed his leash. I walked back outside out towards the wooded area of our property where I saw Dexter gallivanting in the mud sniffing to his heart's desire. I walked towards him and felt my shoes sinking into the muddy yard. I couldn't believe I was walking into this area of my property because almost everytime I go there I wind up with a tick. Dexter slowly walked to me and realized his romp in the mud was over.

We went to the hose and I hosed down his feet. I brought him to the porch where he sat until he dried. I brought him in and now he's panting from what I can only assume was from the fun and mischievousness he had.

The big question is ....

Is this the Truth, Partial Truth or a Tall Tale (Tail)?

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