Friday, April 2, 2010

The Tall Tail was ...

absolutely true. Every single bit of it. I wish I had gotten pictures of his muddy feet because they were too cute. Instead here is a black & white photo of my black & white dog from my new Point & Shoot.

I think that some neighborhood kid probably took him off his chain for a "joke." I wasn't laughing too hard, but I was just glad that Dexter was safe. I am pretty retentive dog mommy and I usually check every 5 minutes or so to make sure he's okay. I listen and if he's barking .. I know he's either barking at a vehicle or just to hear himself. If he's not barking, I go do a visual check. Usually he's enjoying the scenery in a sit down position or he's lying down resting. Yesterday I got involved in something in the house and had failed to do my every 5 to 10 minute check. In fact, he was probably enjoying himself a good 30 minutes.

My first thought other than a kid letting him off the hook was that maybe I didn't latch the latch good. However, I had checked on him a good 5 times from the window and the chain was there attached to him. I'm just glad he's "grown up" enough to stick around the house. The first week we had him (7 to 9 years ago???), he broke free from his chain and took off. My husband had to spend quite a while looking through the woods off the other road in our subdivision. Every time he got close, Dexter darted as if he were playing keep away.

So grateful Dexter just came so easily to me. I wasn't in the mood to play keep away in the woods.

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