Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ever been implored

Ever been implored to write a letter to someone you don't know? Ever been implored to write a letter to someone of importance? Ever been implored to write a letter to someone that could potentially make a difference?

Well for me those three questions are yes. I very easily could have turned down the opportunity to write Congress about Lyme Disease and helping integrative doctors. Two days ago, I was asked again if I would write another letter. This letter wasn't about Lyme Disease. This letter wasn't about medicine at all. Now my first reaction was why me? Why should I write this letter and more important how could I help? After all, I was writing a letter about one person to a very important person. I had met this one person three times. Yet, I was being asked if I would write a letter. The letter stayed on my mind for all of ten minutes before I decided that I would indeed write this letter.

I pray that my letter will impact the heart of the person and will change minds. I am only one person, but there is a chance that my one letter will impact things. Please pray for the person I wrote about and please pray that hearts will be softened. Decisions have been made and while I know this is vague ... please pray that the person I wrote the letter to will reverse his decision.

Essentially, someone I have met three times will lose their job at the end of June. Now people lose their jobs every day, but this is a man of the cloth. This is a Pastor that will not be allowed to preach. So I have written the Bishop in hopes that he will change his mind and reverse the decision he made to remove the Pastor from his role. Say a little pray for this Pastor. He is a good man and a good Pastor for his congregation.

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