Friday, April 30, 2010

See ya later

Those are the three words I almost always heard from my grandparents. It was almost always followed the words I love you. I love you, see ya later. I like to look at yesterday as a day of all of us saying, "I love you, see ya later."

When it was time to pick out flowers, it was so difficult for me. I just didn't want any ole flower. I didn't want something typical. I didn't want something normal. My grandfather was not a typical man. He was a class act and a gentlemen. He was more than a father, grandfather, a brother, a son, an uncle, a cousin, great grandfather. No matter what role he held, he was simply a friend. The stories he would tell. Oh the same stories. The songs he would sing. Oh the same song. So how could I pick out a typical flower for the man who taught me how to love and be a good friend.

Now in my head, I really wanted to pick out a Lily. The Lily is significant to my family. We have a song that incorporates the word Lily. So it would be completely be appropriate to purchase a Lily, but Lilies are typical. Lilies are the norm. So my husband and I went on a journey. To a florist you say? Nope, not us. We wouldn't be us if we went to a florist. We got in my car and drove to Lowe's. I touched almost every single flower, bush and tree in the place. Then I found this:

Do you know what it is? It's a Red Lily. A beautiful Lily shaped like a red heart. Red Sox Calla Lilies. I had no idea that Calla Lilies came in so many varieties. I knew about a few of them, but this one wowed me. It knocked the breath out of me and it already came in a beautiful pot. So we picked up the best looking pot out of the bunch and started making plans for it. We knew we had to rush to Michaels for a beautiful bow, but wait .. what's that? Something else caught my eye.

A beautiful red Mandevilla. So we decided to pick it up as well along with a beautiful pot to place it in and rushed off to Michaels.

Well when we rushed in, I realized that the bow making lady was no longer there for the evening. What was worse was that she would not be returning until late Thursday night. That would be way too late. So after wandering around for what seemed like hours, we finally decided on some bows that were already made. One was quite patritotic and the other was quite unique. Then we needed white cards and a card holder. Well something you may not realize is that Michaels does not sell card holders for plants. We needed an alternative idea so we began to search when we found these and the little stars held the cards perfectly.

Here is what we wound up with:

Unfortunately, the white bow was not photographed. Somewhere between the church and the funeral home, the bow was destroyed. Also please ignore the snowmen in the window. I have a problem. I know it is the end of April, but I just haven't had time to take them all down yet. :) To be honest, I forgot that was there until I saw it just now!

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Kara said...

Oh, these are just perfect! I love both of those flowers. :-)