Thursday, December 20, 2012

Checking in

Just wanted to check in on how I've been doing this past week. It's been about 50/50.  On Saturday, I had lunch with some of my best Lyme friends and some their family.  There were a total of 13 of us.  I think there were about 8 Lymies and 5 relatives/friends.  This was so much fun.  It's always so nice to get together with a lot of patients. We get each other in a way that it's really hard for the "healthy" to understand. However, we don't just talk about the Lyme devastation. We talk about a lot of things and try to make time to include what we can do to educated NC about Lyme. This last time we had an ornament exchange. I mentioned to everyone to bring a wrapped ornament costing less than $5.  Four of us brought ornaments and we exchanged.  I handmade my ornament and gave it to my awesome friend Meredith and in exchange I received a red and gold deer for my tree!  Love it! 

Then I hung out with work friends afterwards.  That was exhausting in and of itself because it was late (6 to 9pm) and there were about 40 of us.  Fortunately I love my work friends so it was worth it.  Now those two things have pretty much worn me out.  Sunday was brutal.  I could barely do a thing and Monday was worse because I had to work and Tuesday I rested all day. Then yesterday I worked 8 hours straight without a break, which was brutal.  I'm able to rest all morning and then tomorrow my husband & I both have the day off. 

In my childhood at Christmas time, I remember three things distinctively.  A:  Playing with the ballerina ornament on my Granny's tree.  B: The smell of the kitchen on Christmas morning when my Granddaddy would "bake" us awake with bacon and livermush.  C:  Wondering how Granny had the time and energy to put the candle lights in the windows and make sure they were on every single night we were there 

Yesterday afternoon, I opened up one of the boxes of Christmas things I got from my grandparent's house when my granddaddy moved into a nursing home.  Then, I spent the evening trying to put up candle lights in my windows like Granny.  I only got 4 lights in the window.  Granny had 8 lights that I inherited from their home.  There might be more somewhere in the boxes I have upstairs, but I could only find 8.  So I put 4 lights in the front windows downstairs. I pushed up the red bows she carefully made onto the white candle light so that it could be seen outside.    Might put the four candle lights upstairs, but there won't be enough for every window (we have 5 windows upstairs).  So I'll probably put t hem up - turn them on and if it doesn't look right, then I'll take them down.  But that's a lot of energy that I don't have right now so I may wait until Christmas 2013 to try it. 

Speaking of energy, my b12 shots came in on Tuesday so I was able to have a boost of b12 on Tuesday night.  It helped me not fall over at work on Wednesday of pure exhaustion.  Very helpful indeed.  The last b12 shot I had was in May 2012.    I thought I had no more refills so I never ordered.  When I called the pharmacy they informed me I had 4 refills.  Go Lyme brain.  So I ordered two months supply and by the time I see my LLMD again, I'll be able to tell him whether they kept my energy the "same" or "increased" it. 

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