Friday, December 14, 2012

Bad Days

I've had a couple weeks of bad days.  I've pretty much lived in Migraine Land for the past two weeks and yesterday I reached my breaking point.  I even broke down and wore sunglasses in the building at work.  It wasn't the most fashionable thing to do, but the florescent lights were making it worse and if anyone asked about them I simply said, "My future's so bright I have to wear shades."  The person laughed and we moved on. 

Breathing -

Enter last night.  I got home and heard the dryer going.  It was relief as I had put the load in the washing machine before I left for work.  I was dreading reaching into the washer - slopping out wet clothes and lugging them into the dryer.  This may seem a simple task, but when you have a Lyme migraine - this task is daunting. 

I arrived home to a clean kitchen, clothes drying, a made bed with the electric blanket set on  high - all thanks to a wonderful husband who knew I'd had a bad symptom day.  Together we put away some clean laundry and after I vented on facebook, I got into the cozy bed and went to sleep.  You see, I served my migraine an eviction notice.  I told my migraine I was DONE with it residing in my body and in the morning it would be gone OR ELSE!  I didn't know what the OR ELSE would be, but it had to be gone.

Before I went to bed, I loaded a load of clothes in the washing machine and saw - the timer button.  Hmmm I wondered what it would do.  I had never used it.  So I set it for 10 Hours and went to bed.  I woke up shortly after the washing machine finished (the spin cycle woke me up) and was able to put a fresh load of clothes into the dryer.  Oh how this feature will be so helpful in the future -

I woke today - stood up.  The Vertigo was GONE.  The intensity of the headache - GONE.  The flashing of colors in my vision - GONE.  Only a small portion of a very small headache remained.  I thanked God for serving the eviction notice and have gone about my day extremely grateful that every time I stand up that I don't swoon.

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