Monday, April 23, 2012

T minus three weeks

We should be moving into our new home in three weeks from today.  We can't wait.  We've packed up almost 50 boxes so far.  We began with the fragile stuff in the kitchen yesterday.   It was bound to happen, but I broke something today. Something special to me.  It was one of the champagne flutes (that we drank punch out of) we used at our wedding.  It's not salvageable.  Two huge pieces broke and then a third piece smashed to smithereens. 

To top it off, I'm in pain.  I've been in pain the last three days.  It is going to sound silly, but my nose hurts. The left side of the nostril both inside and out.  I'm sure it is probably some kind of acne either on the outside of the nose that I can't see or on the inside of the nose that I can't see. Either way, it hurts some kind of bad.  So bad that it's making the rest of my body hurt. 

School is almost finished for the semester.  T minus one week, 2 days for school.  T minus 3 weeks for closing of the house. 


Pamela Root said...

Oh man, so sorry about the champagne flute! My heart sunk to my stomach for you when I read that; nothing like losing something so sentimental :( Hope you start feeling better soon

Jennifer said...

Well at least my husband and I have a sense of what is truly important. I must admit, there are a number of things in this house that if they broke ---- I would be inconsolable. The champagne flute caused some tears, but was easily remedied by my husband saying it was just things and not a big deal.