Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy One Dozen Years

April 15, 2000 ~ We said I do.
We said "In Sickness & In Health.
I was sick the day we got married.
So terribly sick, but who knew that was just the beginning of it.
Our joke is when is the "in health" part going to start.
But in all actuality, I've done my job to have the "in sickness" part of our vows.
I am so glad that he's done is job to have the "In health" part of our vows! :)

We have really come along way from the people we were in this picture.
Note the really tan legs & fanny pack
Don't ask how they got so tan because I have no idea.

We've come a really long way from this too:
Look at that long hair. I grew it out for the wedding.
Look at the really high sitting waist pants.

And twelve years ago today:
The first day of the rest of our lives

Now here we are

12 years later
The glasses cooler
The tan is gone.
We've both gained weight!
But in sickness & in health
we are together
silly as ever.

It took one dozen years for me to get diagnosed (1995 to 2007)
It has been one dozen years since we got married (2000).
Five years of undiagnosis before we got married and
I've now been diagnosed for Five years.

I say year number 12 is going to be the best year yet.
Yes, we are trying to buy a new home.
I won't be sharing pictures of new home on the blog until
we are settled and have all the paper work officially signed.


Anonymous said...

you were a beautiful bride and have only improved with age. You look much healthier now. Good luck with the new house,looking forward to seeing pictures

Renee K

Jennifer said...

What's funny Renee is that I'm sicker today than the day I got married. Well not funny, but yes I do *look* healthier. Thanks so much. :)