Monday, April 9, 2012

Another thing from Thursday

It took two sticks for the Blood Draw and IV. :( Two different people tried. They were fighting over who would have to stick me. I mean, they begged the other person to try.

The one lady said she didn't want to make me cry. The time before she witnessed me crying. I rarely cry at the doctor's office. I just try to tough it out. So she didn't want to try because she knows I'm a difficult stick and the last time it took two tries. However, I convinced her she could and I wouldn't cry even if it hurt. ;) So she decided she wanted to try "the spot." This is a vein that I always say don't use. This vein is tiny and small and shallow. This vein hasn't been "gotten" in about four years. I don't think I've let anyone even try it in over a year. Well, honestly it looked the best out of any that I had. So I decided to let her gave a stab at it. Well, she stabbed and said she got a flash and then nothing. She jabbed and stabbed and jabbed and wobbled and someone else came over and wobbled and moved and tried, but finally resigned to pulling the needle out. *ouch* They felt bad and the initial lady handed it over to the 2nd lady to try.

My LLMD wanted me to be tested with a new Lyme lab. We're praying for a positive. I know that's crazy, but that's what we want.

Just didn't want to forget this "fun" experience.

2 comments: said...

I'm sorry, but I'm new to your blog and just want to catch up...... What positive are you hoping for?? What is the LLmD testing you for? I hope it goes the way you want though:) lots of luck!!

Jennifer said...

It is a New Lyme Lab. I don't really know much other than that. I tested CDC positive through IgeneX in 2009. The last test I had if only one more band had been positive, it would have been positive. Current Infection (not past infection). I'll write a more detailed post soon. Hope you receive this!