Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our reason

The reason we want to move is not because we want a new house.  The reason we want to move is not because we want to almost triple our house side.  The reason we want to move is the reason I am up at 1:29am.  It's the ATV's and the dirt bikes and the shot guns and the partying at 1 in the morning.  It's the neighbor that says the other neighbor has to get control of his kid and then his very own kid riding an adult ATV without a helmet through their yard.  It's the other neighbor's kid revving up his ATV at 1am in the morning in their driveway (which coincidentally happens to be right in front of our bedroom window).  Did I mention this is the same neighbor that said that same kid needs to have parental control? Why let him do that at your house?  Tell him to cut it out!  Oh yeah, they're having a party which means they are all drunk and don't care that someone is making a loud noise at 1am to wake up the entire subdivision. 

Call the Sheriff you say?  Well we've done that.  More than once.  It doesn't help.  We've sent letters, emails, VIDEOS to our Sheriff's office.  We've called when they were making noise.  They stop.  Sheriff leaves.  They begin again.  We call.  Sheriff arrives. They stop. Sheriff leaves. They begin again. The closing on our new house is May 14th. I can not tell you that MAY 14TH can not come quickly enough.  My husband and I are losing our patience. I am tired.  My eyes are stinging from exhaustion and my heart is on fire from anger.  I do not like to be angry. Angry doesn't help a situation.  So not only am I angry, I feel guilty about being angry and that makes me feel even worse.  On top of it I"m exhausted because I haven't slept well in years. We joke about going to an "open house" of our house on the weekend, taking our mattress, going to our new room just to get one decent hour of sleep!   PS other people in our neighborhood have called the Sheriff too.  It just doesn't help!

So that is the reason we want to move.  We are done with the redneck partying neighbors who feel they can do anything they want at any time of the day or night.  And yes, we've spoken to the neighbors.  We've spoken nicely to them when we're not so angry and unfortunately not so nicely to them when we are angry (that was years ago when I had my PICC line and hadn't slept for DAYS and I finally fell asleep and they revved their ATV right in front of our bedroom window -- my husband snapped and ran across the street to yell at them in a not so nice manner. I was mortified, but they stopped. Didn't matter, I couldn't fall back to sleep because of the pain I was in. 

Dear God,

Please let us make it through the next 23 days without anger and frustration.  These emotions don't help the situation and they don't help my health.  Please let us make it through the next 23 days with limited noise from the neighbors.  It's a little late now (in more ways than one), but please can you see that our neighbor's heart changes for the better over the next 23 days just so that we can reduce our stress?  And if it is at all possible, allow the mortgage company to work even faster to get us in earlier because it would be nothing but miraculous for that to happen.


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Anonymous said...

Wow Jennifer, know exactly where you are coming from. We had a neighbor running a lawnmowing/driveway sealing/snowplowing business 15 feet from our living room and south bedrooms. Noise and traffic all hours of the day and night with three trucks plus employee vehicles. No business is allowed in our residential subdivision but the town was weak against this individual. He basically told them "go to he#@" rode through our neighborhood with his middle finger in the air. WE were ready to look to move elsewhere but FINALLY he moved. The difference in noise level is unbelieveable. I was angry and stressed all the time which wasn't good for health. Wish you all the best in your new peaceful neighborhood.