Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 Christmas

Usually I post a whole bunch of silly photos of Christmas Eve or Christmas Day on the blog, but this year there will be none of that!

Since I had the relapse, I decided I would be happy if we had a small tree up (though that did include the ornaments from the big tree that never made it down oh well), the nativity scene and moravian star.

No presents were purchased, no stockings hung with care. The last time this happened was 2007 though that year we had plenty of presents. It is kind of sad, but there is something special about this simplistic Christmas. We are giving what we have - our time. Time with each other, time with our families.

Because of my career, I sometimes get small gifts from children. This year I got a gift card from target and my husband and I chose movies for us to watch together to use the gift card on. We could have used it for something practical, but this year we decided to use it for something we could do together. Yes, I wrapped them all up. We began on Christmas Eve and unwrapped 3 of the movies (the gift cards actually purchased 5 movies and we splurged on 3 more). We watched 3 last night to watch.

Togetherness. That is what 2011 has been about and what I'd like 2012 to have more of.


DDawson said...

Merry Christmas Jennifer!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Dawnua.