Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love-A-Fair Flowers

Sorry this is so delayed. I forgot they were in que to be posted:

I love taking photos. I love flowers and plants. I love photographing flowers and plants. So my first stop at the Fair was to the flower/plant section. :) Here are a few that made me smile. All of my photographs are Straight Out of Camera. I don't edit them with any programs. So when I get home and see pictures like these, I smile. I love my camera. Though we do have a love hate relationship when the battery is getting low and it doesn't want to actually take a photograph. But without further ado,


I love flowers in color, but there is something special about a black & white photograph.

Orchids - Colors!

And my favorite of the day: (I may just have to print it off and put it in the my kitchen!)

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