Saturday, June 11, 2011


So when I was a child, I really didn't enjoy swimming to start. Then there came a time where I just wanted to be at the pool all the time. Then, I just stopped. I didn't want to be out in the sun. I didn't want to be in the pool with a whole bunch of germ infested people. So typically, I honestly only going "swimming" about once (maybe twice) a season.

Well, I have already been three times this season. The crazy part is that instead of just standing around chatting with whomever I'm with, I've actually been SWIMMING! So my neighbor has a pool and we pretty much have a standing invitation to go over whenever we want, but we rarely take her up on it. A couple of weekends ago, they were going out of town for the day and told us we could come over and "swim" (it's not really big enough to really go swimming). That particular day I wasn't feeling well and only wound up there for 20 minutes, but the water did feel good.

My best friend lives in an apartment complex and they have a pool. A lot of pools now a days don't much go above 5 feet, but this one reaches depths of 9 feet. I have been twice this season and yesterday ... I actually SWAM. I didn't stay by the edge of the pool. I SWAM. Now let me tell you this, it's been years (probably decades) since I've swam as hard as I swam yesterday. My body is telling on me today, but boy did I have fun.

LDN Update:

It's been 5 weeks. I started at 2.75mg last night. Slept so so.

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Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love that you had fun, Jennifer! What a blessing.