Sunday, June 19, 2011

So you think you can (blog about it)

Whooooooooooooooooooo. So You Think You Can Dance is back and SO IS MARY MURPHY!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

All 20 dancers are absolutely remarkable! I think that any one of these dancers would have given previous season winners a run for their money. However, I already have a few favorites. On the very first show I thought that Marko was a shoe in for the Top 20. Then after watching Melanie's audition, I thought to myself about the possible pairing of the two of them. Well my dear friends, looks like I got my wish! :o)

You see sometimes two remarkable dancers get together with a tremendous choreography and tremendous dancers and it turns out to be "pffffffffffffft" because there is no connection between the two dancers. Well, Melanie plus Marko plus Travis Wall = one fabulous piece. Wow. It was superb. I can not wait to see the next piece they dance together. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.

We got a shocker at the beginning of the show letting us know that Mitchell wouldn't be performing because he had injured himself. Well as soon as I found out the piece was a Sonya choregraphed piece, I was thrilled for Caitlynn because I was certain she would either be dancing with Mark or Robert Roldan. They are up there with two of my favorite dancers. Well the show didn't disappoint. Caitlynn plus Robert plus Sonya? WOW! It was really hard to watch Caitlynn though because my eyes were staring at Robert!

Here are my lists!

1. Melanie 2. Caitlynn 3. Miranda 4. Missy 5. Ryan
6. Ivetta 7. Jordan 8. Sasha 9. Clarice 10. Ashley

I personally think Robert Roldan has gotten even BETTER since his season. Wow. He might would have won this season. :} Though he would have a fight with Marko. So with that said, here is my list of guys.

1. Marko

were there any other guys? Oh wait yes there were.
2. Nick 3. Jess 4. Tadd 5. Wadi 6. Robert (the *twitchy whoo man Urkel*)
7. Ricky 8. Alexander 9. Chris 10. Mitchell (just b.c he didn't dance)

Couples with commentary:

1. Melanie & Marko: loved the dance with Travis Wall. To paraphrase Mary, they had me at hello. Wow. I had chill bumps with this statuesque piece.

2. Caitlynn with Robert (in place of Mitchell). Wow did I get lucky to see Robert Roldan dance again. I truly hope he's an All Star. Would have also loved to have seen Mark dance this piece too, but wow. I wonder if in the end if we'll get to see Caitlynn dance this with Mitchell. I'm not sure if we would have had the fantastic results though. Who knows. I think Robert gave Caitlynn a leg up in the competition by getting to dance with him so early. ;) Can you tell I'm a Robert fan? And it's not just because he shares the same name as my husband. :)

3. Miranda and Robert. I was sitting on the couch dancing with them. They are so much fun. I personally love Robert's whoo personality. I think we'd be friends. and for the record if I were on the show, I'd be the "OH?" dancer. I have several different "oh's." I use it all the time. If you've never noticed before in life, you'll notice it now.

4. Missy & Wadi (Sean Cheeseman): How talented is that Wadi? Wow. I can't believe he could pick up the choreography and perform so well WITH A PARTNER for the first time! I think that they'll be in my favorites quickly. I hope Missy can show her softer side. It's awesome to be such a strong dancer, but my favorites are versatile. So I'm hoping to see it next show. For the record, I can't wait to see them dance a Sonya routine! :) Though that just contradicts everything I just said about being softer. ;)

5. Ivetta & Nick (Jason): It was obvious that Ivetta would do so well with the Quick Step, but I honestly can't believe Nick did so well at the kiss of death. wow Nick.

6. Sasha & Alexander (Travis): I liked them but it wasn't memorable. I couldn't even remember it at first and had to watch it again.

*** for some reason these four numbers didn't work for me. It had more to do with the choregraphy than it did the actual dancers b.c they did well with what they had to do and I love Jess, Ryan, Jordan, Tadd and Chris.

7. Clarice & Jess (Tyce --- for the record, if Jess hadn't been in this piece it would be number 10, not number 7)
8. Ryan & Ricky (Chris Scott)
9. Jordan & Tadd (Sean)
10. Ashley & Chris (Chris)

Can't wait to see the next episode. I don't know how the judges are going to kick off four people.

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