Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boom Boom Pow

Not the song, but the lightning and thunderstorm last night was Boom Boom Pow.

It was a bit crazy over here. I didn't sleep well through it, but once I heard a little pop (okay a loud pop) and hail, I was outta bed! I woke to find that one outlet in the kitchen was kapoot and that a breaker was probably fried (b.c there was no electricity in the computer or other bedroom) and that our phone line was dead. Nothing appeared to be a direct hit to the house, but rather a hit to something else that slowly leaked to the house.

I went back to bed and struggled to sleep. When I did get out of bed, found out that the telephone cover was blown off our house so that our phone line wasn't going to get fixed until the phone company comes down (and we're still waiting) to fix it. More than likely will be a temporary fix first and then a permanent one. My husband fixed the breaker and the electrical outlet. Our wireless router is fried along with my beloved electric blanket (well the controller).

Crazy. In any case, we are all okay. I'm sure we'll find other things that have been struck. There is a huge hole at the base of one of our Bradford Pear trees. Add to that: we've found that our doorbell is also broken.

On other "electric" news. Scotty McCreery is back in town! If I were a country fan, it would be a huge deal. But he's taken over the television today! I wish the kid luck, but I'll be honest ... I haven't watched this season at all and country music makes me cringe.

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