Friday, May 20, 2011

2nd week of LDN Plus ...

So this week was my 2nd week of LDN. Plus we discovered that our dishwasher was fried by the lightning too. So we went dishwasher shopping yesterday and today. We found one we really liked at Lowe's, but we debating on it because it was so "expensive." So we went to Home Depot and shopped at Sears online. It was there that we discovered the same dishwasher we wanted at Lowe's for $234 cheaper! Wow. So we went up to Sears to feel it out in person and it was 134 more dollars in the store than online. We bought it online and are having it shipped for free to the store. We'll pick it up one day next week.

Now onto the LDN Update:

On Saturday the 14th, I had a terrible day. I was exhausted all day. I had a headache that lasted all day and Tylenol didn't touch it. To top it off, that was the morning that the lightning struck our property. Because the symptoms were so severe, I decided to only take a 1.25mg Saturday night.

On Sunday the 15th, I was less fatigued, but I was still pretty tired. However I did sleep all night from Saturday to Sunday. Since my other symptoms were pretty void, I decided to take 1.5mg. I went to bed really late because of Survivor Finale.

On Monday, I was what I like to call "Zombie tired." I had an aura all day and felt as if a seizure could come on, but one never came to pass. (thank God). I felt fevered all day and pure exhausted, but I knew that there were a couple of reasons to explain this other than the 1.5mg of LDN so I took another 1.5mg dose.

Tuesday: From Monday into Tuesday, I had very vivid dreams from 2 to 5. I was also very cold all day Tuesday. However, I felt so great other than that that I decided to go ahead and take A WHOPPING 1.75MG! Woo hoo.

Wednesday: I had another bad day. I was very fatigued. I woke up often Tuesday into Wednesday and this was a huge impact on my stamina. So I only took 1.5mg that night.

Thursday: I slept really well Wednesday into Thursday and my headache was better. I had an overall great day so I took 1.75mg of LDN.

Friday: I've had a pretty good day though I did wake with very swollen fingers (my rings wouldn't fit on) and a small headache. I took some Tylenol and it took care of it. I only needed 1/2 my normal dose too. So that's good. I slept well Thursday night only waking once and that really didn't count because it was at 5am (my normal wake up time for week days). I took today off work because my Mother in law had surgery. She's back at home so the surgery went well. My plan ... in a few minutes ... is to see how I feel tomorrow after taking TWO MG of LDN tonight! Since I don't have to work and it doesn't really matter how badly I feel, I thought I'd take a risk!

So that's how things are going so far this go around. Here is hoping I don't have vivid nightmares or a headache tomorrow.

Update: I slept mostly through the night ONLY woke up ONCE! I remember having some dreams, but don't remember what they were about so that's actually completely awesome! AND my head feels pretty good this morning. I have some swollen hands and feet, but hey .. I'll take that!

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