Sunday, May 29, 2011

3rd week of LDN ... Plus ...

I stared 2mg of LDN on last Friday night. Friday night I slept wonderfully. I was completely shocked, but I did wake up with swollen fingers. However I had a pretty good day symptom wise.

I also slept well Saturday night, but I did have some serious allergy problems so I was forced to take a Claritin (my eyes were red & itchy). I also had some serious malaise and took an afternoon nap (not because I wanted to but because I had to).

Sunday night was a okay, but I did have several dreams that disrupted my sleep. So that caused me to be fatigued in the morning. I also had a small headache in the morning on Monday, but overall had a pretty good day. I was feeling like I was on a roll. Even with the severe malaise on Sunday night, I was doing pretty good on the 2mg LDN!

Monday night was a completely different story. I slept very poorly. I woke up every hour with nightmares and Tuesday I had body aches, picc line bumps (remember those pesky things that I really haven't had in months ....????), serious fatigue and what I call electric headaches. The pain shot right from the back of my brain up to the front of the brain. It would happen when I moved suddenly. It was an absolutely horrible day. I pushed through the pain and took another 2mg on Tuesday night.

I had some difficulty sleeping, but did have an okay day on Wednesday with only slight fatigue so another round of 2mg was in order. I slept better Wednesday night and had a great day on Thursday. In fact, I noted not a single symptom on Thursday at all! I slept great on Thursday night and my Friday morning was great. Friday evening I wound up with 6 bumps where the picc line used to be and a little bit of fatigue, but I felt comfortable enough to bump my LDN to 2.25mg!

I slept perfectly on Friday night. I went to bed and slept almost 12 straight hours without waking! I don't really like to sleep *that* long, but it was nice not waking up with dreams/nightmares. I felt really refreshed yesterday so I took my best friend up on his offer to go swimming. I swam (aka stood in the water and sometimes treaded in the deep end ... and occasionally actually swam) for almost two hours. I had very few symptoms on Saturday after the .25 increase. The only thing that was notably obvious was my "staring" symptom.

This is something that I really haven't talked about, but it's a problem I've had for quite some time. I honestly never really noticed it until about 8 years ago when someone commented that I needed to stop staring "at that lady." Well the thing was .. I wasn't staring at a lady ... I was just staring and it just happened to be in the direction of this lady in the restaurant. It was then that I realized I did it a lot and had done it a lot in the past.

Well in the last few years, the "staring" episodes have decreased until ... yesterday. I'm not sure if it was because (insert joke here) my brain was infected with chlorine (snorting very loudly ) or if it was because I was tired ... or something else, but I could not stop staring. My eyes would scan the room and then stop .... sometimes it was at a person, or an item or nothing at all. It was crazy! Fortunately my friend knows this happens so he was able to get me back on track most of the time before I looked like a crazy person. Anyways, there ya go. I have a problem with staring so if you & I ever hang out .. and I start to stare ... you know it's not my personal preference to stare .. at you or whatever it is I'm spacing out at .. it's just part of my Lyme symptoms sneaking out on me.


Lightning Strike is still wreaking havoc. Still our phone is having issues. Still they haven't buried our permanent line. However ....

Our dishwasher is a dream! It's so very quiet. I hate that our old one was killed by lightning, but it was a blessing in disguise.

P.S. plan is to take 2.25mg the rest of the week until Friday and then increase to 2.5mg. AND I guess I'll have to make that follow-up now. The doctor's office called and left a message reminding me to come in for a follow up. At least I'll have something wonderful to tell him! (that I've been able to increase the 1mg of LDN to 2.25mg! and I'm really hoping to have it up to 3mg by the middle of June!)

P.P.S It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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