Thursday, March 3, 2011

Roller Coaster Changes

Life is funny sometimes. It wasn't too awfully long ago that I cried almost every day. Then one day, I forced myself to change. I didn't even realize how upset I was all the time until a friend pointed it out. She asked what happened to the bubbly Jennifer she used to know. Oh what a question that was. I thought and thought and realized that the bubbly Jennifer was still there, but very guarded. It was in that moment I made a choice to change back. I slowly chipped away at the bad bits and even through the worst moments of my life managed to smile through the pain. I opened up my soul, my heart, my spirit to those around me. Every day, I change just a little bit. And today as I was thinking about this, it reminded me about this song sung by Addison Road. I realized that no one is perfect, not even those that we look up to and respect. Even those that we've known for a while can do things that hurt us. So what do we do when someone we respect and look up to hurts us or someone we love? We forgive because one day ... there will be a change in the making.

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