Sunday, March 6, 2011

Allergy Season

I love March for one reason. It's March Madness. Basketball. UNC.

However March also makes me mad. It's the start of allergy season. So I woke up yesterday with a small sore throat and itchy eyes. Thought I'd "work through it" on my own, but this morning I woke wiht even more sore throat, irritating nose drippage and a small cough. All this tells me, I better jump on this and quick. Leucozepin, Zinc, Total B drops, Vitamin D ... to start. Then add in a Claritin and finally ... I had to add in Tylenol.

I'm hoping to be able to knock this out before it turns into an infection. Lately I've not been able to do that, but we'll see.

Madness, March Madness. One part exhilarating and the other part frustrating. Speaking of both the weather and basketball.

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