Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quick Update

This is going to be a scattered update:

1. LDN: Last week I decided to take one night of 1.5 mg. That 1.5 mg night through my world into a whirlwind. My left knee hurt so badly that I pulled out the CMO cream and used it three days in a row. I also pulled out the knee brace and not only wore it at home, but wore it to work as well. I decided though to not skip a night, but just the next few (well 5 or 6) nights to take the 1mg LDN and hope that things improved. They did so last night I took another night of 1.5 mg. This morning so far is "okay." No particular pain, but my throat does hurt a bit and my hands are a bit swollen. We'll see how the rest of the weekend goes.

2. My hubby is about .2 pounds above where he *should* be, but by tomorrow he'll probably be back down to within the 4 pound range. He struggled with having free reign and has now a plan implemented that includes medical shakes and the traditional 500 calories food which should give him 1500 calories a day. We'll see how this work. Then once he's stablilized he'll probably add in some other things while removing one of the shakes. It just seems like it will be easier this way for him.

3. In other news, I went to get him a new pair of pants last night. Now all of his pants were about 38s .. I wasn't sure exactly what to get him so found a pair of 33's in his pant length and came home. They fit almost perfectly. We only got him one pair because honestly he doesn't wear dressy dressy pants that much. These will be good for church or for interviews or such. Then we went out to buy a dressy l/s shirt. Now his "biggest" shirt neck sized was 18. The new one we bought was size 16. Woo hoo.

4. We'll probably pack up all his "big" clothes today and take them to goodwill at some point. Maybe even take cash with us to see if we can find some Wrangler Jeans in his new size or some dress shirts. It's time.

5. One of our dogs has been "hurt." For the last couple of months, he's been acting funny. He's been yelping and we went to the vet about a month ago. They gave us some medication to help with the pain and were hopeful it would take care of the problem. Well once he was off the medication for a good number of days, he would start acting funny again. Lethargic even. So we went back and asked for an Xray. Though we were certain he didn't break anything, he had starting limping often. The good news is that there were no visible breaks, cancer or arthritis. So more than likely it's either a pinched nerve .. or my thoughts .. LD. Though Rob disagrees. Told him he was acting like a MD and laughed. ;)

6. Remember all those that serve this country whether it's the military, fire fighters, police officers, pilots, teachers, ministers, volunteers. Pray for them. I can't believe it's been 9 years since the gasp was heard around the world.

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