Friday, June 21, 2013

Day Beach Trip

Kure Beach 6/20/2013

Few weeks ago decided to have a beach day with my Mom - we finally went yesterday.  We did a lot of stuff in our one day trip.   Basic itinerary for the day was - Aquarium, Lunch, Beach.

This is what we did:

  • NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher
  • Fort Fisher (and beach at that area)
  • Eat Lunch at Carolina Beach
  • Spend time on Carolina Beach Board Walk
  • Spend time sitting on the beach
  • Eat famous Britt's Doughnut.  (first for me and it was oh so yummy)
  • Spend time on Kure Beach
  • Spend about 30 minutes with one of my best elementary school friend and his wife & son.
It was a  nice day weather wise although the wind was out of control and the waves were very turbulent.  
To explain how windy it was - I was sitting in my beach chair relaxing when a gust of wind came and knocked me in the chair over.   Back of chair was on the beach - my back was on the back of the chair - the bottom of the chair was in the air - as were my feet.  It was in slow motion and all I could do was laugh.  There were witnesses, but it wasn't Mom - she had gone to the bathroom. I'm feeling it today though.  Wowzer. 

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