Saturday, November 10, 2012

Still kicking

This was an antibiotic week - so it's been tough for me.

I've had a lot of joint pain (especially in my ankles and feet).  I've also had a lot of cognitive troubles.  It's been tough even understanding the most simple concept which has made me a little ornery.  Frustration sets in when I don't understand something.

As you know, I've been selling bracelets. Until recently, I've pretty much sold them to people I've known online for a while.  However I put them up in a Holiday Auction for to sell.  

I got orders from people I've never met so I decided it was finally time to set up a pay-pal account for the sale of the bracelets.  I've also had people ask me how they could send me donations to help with the cost of my specialist.  This was very kind of people, but I've always said no thanks because it would have involved people having my address to send me money.

So if anyone is interested in buying the the bracelets - let me know in email - LIVINGLYMELIFE @ GMAIL.COM (put it together in lower case).  I need to know which size you are interested in. I have both 7 inch and 8 inch.  The silicone bracelets say We Fight Lyme Together.  I have wanted to sell them for a really long time, but have always broken out in a rash.  I did major research and found a company that eliminated the product that I was allergic to - and ordered from them.  When they came in, I wore them for days and never broke out!  I was thrilled.   Then I realized the 8 inch bracelets were way too large for my wrists.  Someone offered to go in with me and buy some for cost.  We bought them in the same order so they'd be cheaper for both of us.

So in any case - if you're interested in buying some - let me know.  I'd be happy to take payment via pay-pal.

PS: Look to your RIGHT on the blog itself and you'll see the Buy it now button for PayPal - you can buy it straight from the blog (well it will carry you to another site, but you can choose from buying 1, 5 or 10 - with 7 inch or the 8 inch). You don't have to be a paypal member to buy a bracelet or 5 or 10 - Once you click the Buy it Now button - you will be carried to the invoice.  It will ask you if you're a member, but underneath it will give you an option if you're not a member to pay with a debit or credit card.

Price for buy it now on the blog:

3 for $12 (plus 2 for shipping)
5 for $20(plus 2 for shipping)
10 for $33 (plus 2 for shipping)

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