Sunday, November 18, 2012

Flagyl kicking my hind parts

My day yesterday went like this:

Wake up.
Watch Carolina game from night before.
Get online.
Eat something.
Take Flagyl.
Get dressed.
Go out with hubby.
Eat again.
Smell something rotten.
Consider running to the nearest toilet to vomit.
Hold it back. 
Go home.
Eat again.
Run to the bathroom.
Feel lousy.
Take a two hour nap.
Go buy water and gatorade.
Eat dinner.
Go home to take Flagyl.
Eat again. 
Run to the bathroom.
Lay down and feel nauseated while watching tv with my hubby.
Give up at 8:30 and go lay down.

I probably actually ran to the toilet about 10 times yesterday.  Flagyl really is kicking my hind parts.  Today, no flagyl and I'm still running to the toilet. I suspect it will be that way until tomorrow.  No antibiotics this week.  This week I concentrate on detoxing.

I feel badly, but I know that the Flagyl is kicking the cyst form of Lyme.  I know the Mepron is kicking Babesia.  Today I plan to chill. Big time.  Resting for Jennifer - because this week, I work 3 days in a row (something I haven't done in a while - and I've tried to avoid it, but we're closed on Thursday and Friday and I want to help out my colleagues - so I'm working 3 straight days). So today, I chill.

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