Monday, December 9, 2013

Yes, I'm alive!

I'd like to say I have no excuse for not blogging, but truth is I have a few reasons that I've not blogged. 

The first one is the absolute worst thing that can happen - I forgot my log in and my password - and my email address for the blog.  I couldn't log in.  I woke up at 3am - and REMEMBERED - and because I had a Lyme moment before I went to bed and didn't put the heater on a timer, I woke up to an almost 80 degree room.  Sweltering hot.  So I got up - piddled on the computer and just now decided to try to see if I actually did remember the log in and password.  Maybe I need to write that sucker down!   The next reason I've been quiet is that I've just not felt like sharing. 

Let's go back to that heater - I stay chronically cold.  However, it is not economically affordable to keep the house at a temperature that would keep me nice and toasty.  So during the day, I pretty much stay covered up with a blanket.  If I get too cold, I turn on the fire place and it helps slightly.  However at night, I freeze.  I do have an electric blanket and it works well, but if I scooch it around and it isn't on me directly, I shiver until it wakes me up.  So last winter, we got the bright idea to get a small heater for the bedroom.   It has a timer - and a thermostat.  So what I do - is turn it on for 75 degrees and set it to run for 2 hours. 

If I do this right as I get into bed, the room is cool enough for me to get to sleep and the room warms up so I'm cozy the first couple of hours.  If I get to sleep quickly, I sleep well through the night. And then the heater turns off - and the house heater continues to run when the rest of the house is cooler than 68.  So in the winter when I wake up, it is likely still 70 to 72 in the bedroom when I wake. It works well for me.  However, last night.  I failed to turn it on for 2 hours.  So - from 8 until 3 - the heater ran.  Also, the house heat ran.  So when I woke at 3am sweating and uncomfortable and feeling like I was going to pass out - I saw the temperature was at a balmy 78.3 degrees. I knew I wouldn't be getting back to sleep so I just got up til my body could feel a little cooler.  Now my toes are  freezing. I'll probably try to go back to bed, but doubt I'll get much sleep. 

Sleep:  Many Lyme patients have trouble sleeping.   I tend to not have this problem.  My problems is that I sleep too much.  However about one night a month, I'll have trouble either falling asleep - or - staying asleep. There is no rhyme or reason for that night in the month.  Tonight, there was a reason.  The heat.  Maybe it will still count for my once in December sleepless night.  Now the thing is I still got almost 7 straight hours of sleep - even WITH waking up at 3am.  However, I typically sleep at least 10 hours, sometimes if the dogs cooperate I sleep 12 or more. 

Well I hope to share more soon.  I've had so much go on since my last post, but I likely won't be back-sharing. 

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