Saturday, April 6, 2013

We Fight Lyme Together Bracelet Sale!

This particular offer has expired.

From now until April 15th - help out my efforts to provide awareness in North Carolina and you'll receive a bracelet.

Perk A:  Donate $10 (plus $1 to help out offset the paypal fees) receive 3 bracelets
Perk B:  Donate $15 (plus $1 to help out offset the paypal fees) receive 5 bracelets
Perk C:  Donate $25 (plus $1 to help out offset the paypal fees) receives 10 bracelets.

You can order easily this way - (it's also on the right hand side of the blog).

This offer is limited until April 15th or while supplies last.  Early morning on the 16th, this option will  no longer be available on the blog - If you make a donation -and we are out of the size you requested, I will contact you to find out if you would like the other size, wait until we have the size you requested in stock, make the donation without the perk or receive a refund.  However, if I'm getting close to running out of a size, I will make note that it is in limited supply. Size 8 inch is in limited supply. 

Thanks for your help with helping North Carolina Lyme Advocacy. 

If you feel the desire to make a monetary donation without receiving any perks, you can do that - by using paypal for your donation - send it straight to  I assure you - all the money I received from now until April 15th will be used to help us with Lyme Advocacy Awareness - whether it's for printing off flyers, brochures, other copy & print items, ribbons, booth costs and any other item that may make our booth pop on May 11th.  I can't wait to get this booth up and running and post a picture of it.  

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