Thursday, January 19, 2012

*ahhh* a blessing

So I reread my homework assignment. Get this: God IS good.

I have to read the same thing in both classes. Just one is on a website and one is located in my other class book. Ahhhh what a blessing.

Because I'm having a Hyperbaric treatment today, I decided to print off the PDF and put in a notebook. I'll be able to read it out loud with little disturbances (except for the loud noise in the machine, but I think I'll be able to zone out past that) and highlight the parts that I want to write about.

I *want* to try to get all my homework done by tomorrow even though some of them aren't due by Sunday. I *am* an overachiever after all. I've been called this in the last week by not one, not two, not even three, but seven people. I probably won't get them all done, but I can try. Last week I got most of the assignments finished well before they were due. It meant I wasn't stressing all weekend regarding my stuff and if I wanted to go somewhere instead of staying home working on assignments I could without feeling a dilemma.

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